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Helpful Pet Care Recommendations in Exton, Pennsylvania

Dog taking a bath—Pet Care in Exton, PA
Bathing Pets: Unless your pet has parasites, such as fleas, ticks, or mange, or needs treatment for a medical condition, dogs do not need to be bathed any more than monthly. Cats bathe themselves and may not need bathing more than a few times each year.
Cat indoor—Pet Care in Exton, PA
Indoor Vs. Outdoor: Cats should be kept indoors if possible. This will decrease cats' exposure to many feline diseases, bite wounds, abscesses, skin parasites, and intestinal parasites. If your cat goes outside, it should be vaccinated for feline leukemia and feline infectious peritonitis.
Dog laying on couch—Pet Care in Exton, PA
Dog Housing: Dogs kept outside must be provided with adequate shelter from the elements. In extreme weather, the pet should be sheltered indoors.
Conventional or invisible (electric) fencing should be used to enclose the pet's territory. Indoor dogs should be leash walked or allowed outside in fenced areas. These measures help decrease injuries and chances of disease. Also, they comply with county and local dog ordinances.
Dog playing with his toy—Pet Care in Exton, PA
Child Proofing for Pets: Many pets will try to eat anything. To avoid toxic or gastrointestinal emergencies, keep soap, socks, towels, small toys, game pieces, household cleaners, antifreeze, and medicines out of your pets' reach. Keep trash covered in a sealed container. Check house plants and only keep plants that are nontoxic to pets.
Cat and dog eating—Pet Care in Exton, PA
Diets: Dry food should be introduced into the dog's diet at about three to four weeks of age. Dry food is better for the long-term health of teeth and gums, and we recommend twice daily feeding. Cats can either be fed twice a day or you may leave food out for the cat to "graze" on.
Dog scratching—Pet Care in Exton, PA
Tick Removal: Swab area with alcohol. Grasp the head of the tick, close to the skin, with tweezers and pull. Don't squeeze the body of the tick. Burn the tick or drown it in alcohol after removal. Apply alcohol to the bite area on your pet. If the tick is in a sensitive area, you may want us to remove the tick for you. In a heavily infested area, you may want your dog vaccinated for Lyme disease, which is spread by ticks.
Dog bad odor—Pet Care in Exton, PA
Skunk Spray: SKUNK-OFF™ is a retail brand of odor remover that you may want to try. Otherwise, tomato juice is the preferred treatment. 50/50 mix of peroxide/baking soda directly soaked on the main target area a few X a day helps; also keeping them out of house (if you can) - in yard, on deck, in garage or basement, etc, for a while do a few treatments. Remember to place a drop of mineral oil in your pet's eyes prior to any treatment. The longer you can leave the juice on the coat, the more effective it will be. If possible, confine the animal and leave the juice on overnight.
Cat scratching—Pet Care in Exton, PA
Flea Control & Prevention: Please ask for our brochure containing instructions and suggestions for maintaining a flea-free environment for you and your pet. We now offer a variety of once-per-month flea prevention options.
Contact our animal clinic in Exton, Pennsylvania, for more helpful advice for the proper care and keeping of your pet.