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Comprehensive Pet Health & Medical Care in Exton, Pennsylvania

Maximize the health and well-being of your pet with quality care from The Animal Clinic, located in Exton, Pennsylvania. At our clinic, we provide the best in pet medical and health care to keep your pet on the path to a happy and long life.

Dental Care

From routine cleanings to advanced dental work, we provide only the best for the health of your pet's teeth and gums. Schedule a yearly checkup to have your pet's teeth and gums cleaned and inspected by our veterinarian.

Behavioral & Nutritional Counseling

Help your pet thrive and make sure he has everything he needs to live a healthy and joyful life. Our clinic provides behavioral and nutritional counseling to monitor the behavior and diet of your pet, ensuring that there are no signs of erratic moods or nutritional deficiencies. The Animal Clinic offers a full line of Hill's™-brand pet food, as well as specialized IVD (Innovative Veterinary Diet) food regimens to help your dog stay healthy.

Treatment of Canine & Feline Skin Conditions

The Animal Clinic diagnoses and treats a variety of common skin conditions affecting dogs and cats. Conditions include:
  • Hormonal-Related Skin Disorders
  • Parasites, including Fleas & Ticks
  • Seborrhea (Oily or Dry Coat)
  • Allergies
  • Behavioral Conditions (CompulsiveBitingorLicking)
  • Skin Infections

Flea, Tick, & Heartworm Prevention

The Animal Clinic offers several options of flea, tick, and heartworm prevention to keep your pet happy and healthy. Please note that dogs that receive HEARTGARD™ or Revolution™ from a non-veterinary source will need yearly re-tests, as opposed to every two years when we dispense it ourselves. Because of this, we recommend that you have your pet vaccinated at our clinic.
Cat and Dog in Exton, PA
  • Allergy Testing
  • Biopsies
  • Urine & Fecal Analyses
  • Blood Testing
  • Skin, Ear, & Eye Testing

Routine Testing

It's important to have your pet tested for allergies and other conditions to maintain his health and longevity. We perform the following:

Orthopedic Care

When your pet is in need of treatment for a bone or ligament injury, we provide the necessary care to have him feeling like his old self again. We offer:
  • Exams & Diagnostics
  • Lab Testing
  • Injury Assessments
  • X-Rays
  • Arthritis Prevention & Treatments
  • Under Six Months Old: Mini-Blood Profile for Diabetes, Kidneys, Red Blood Cell Count, & Hydration Total Protein; ECG/BP Test during the Initial Exam or Prior to Spay & Neuter Surgery
  • Five Years Old: ECG Test; Blood Screening for Dogs; & Dental Work If Necessary
  • Seven Years & Older: ECG Test; Urinalysis; Dental Work; & Blood Screening for Dogs & Cats
  • 10 Years & Older: Geriatric Profile, including Testing of the Thyroid, Liver, Kidney, & Pancreatic Functions; Red & White Blood Cell Count; ECG Test; Blood Pressure Test, Nutritional Counseling; Dental Cleaning; & Age-Related Behavior Therapy for Housebreaking Problems, Incontinence, & Cognitive Issues

Preventative Care

Ensure the longest and happiest life for your pet. Bring him in on a regular basis for a routine checkup to make sure he is healthy and fit, no matter his age. We offer discount packages for all canine and feline vaccines, and provide the following for dogs and cats at specific stages in their lives:
Contact us to schedule an appointment for your pet's next routine checkup.